Wasting Time on Photoshop

Those, who love to fiddle

Am I still in time?

I hope I am...


my first attempt

so here's my very first attempt to write a tutorial, I hope it's a bit clear and than it can be transferrable to PS

I know that's it's really step by step, but cut me some slack here ;)

from  thisCollapse ) to



Autumn KissCollapse )


And so it begins....
i guess, now that you are here, I should inform you what this is about:

I've decided to open up this community and invite fellow pic fiddlers, whom I know and like, to come here and share their trysts with icon-making.

The purpose is to have a place to share the things you liked:
- tutorials
- brushes
- gradients
- textures
- links to more information and stuff

It is also a place to ask question - and get them answered by people you like and who are just as sturggling with icon making and stuff like you are.

This is a community that is run by invitation only.

If i don't know you and you did not come recommended by a member of this group - you'll not be invited. You can comment here and say you like to be added, but since I started this community and I decide who joins.

Furthermore - lurking is okay, but kinda beats the purpose of this community.

As for all the things posted here - credit is a must! - After all, if you share something you should give the others the chance to find it as well.

Now - a photobucket-account will be set up tonight to go with this community.

I hope you guys enjoy yourselves and we can all profit from each other - learning as we go along *kisses*


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